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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Layout as of November 2021 Layout as of November 2021 View as you enter the train room. 206632165 Looking to your left as you enter. 206632166 The Eagle Harbor area. 206632167 The light house at Eagle Harbor. 206632169 A Bowpicker heads out to his fishing grounds. 206632170 Graysons Marine Supply with a Bowpicker tied up for the day. 206632168 The local switching loco heading out to load the car float. 206632171 Trains on the Red Mountain trestles. One a 132' log span. 206632172 Harbor J Landing at Harbor Junction where trains take the high line to Hill Camp or the low line to Eagle Harbor. 206632173 My version of the great John Allen's Simms Loop Viaduct. 206632174 Looking down the next isle, a truck to rail reload is on the left and Allen Veneer and M.W. Allen Millwork is on the right. 206632175 A closer look at Reload. 206632176 The A&BR car shop is in the foreground with the millwork and veneer operations are in the distance. 206632177 The A&BR engine facilities and turntable. 206632178 The log dump. Actually used during OP sessions. 206632179 The sawmill and sash and door operations. 206632180 In the background you can see the little town of Arcadia. 206632181