Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

McKenney's Landing McKenney's Landing Getting started. The area I intended to use for the duplex loading operation had a fairly steep slope down and away from the location of the spar tree that would require cribbing or something to level the boom loader I now planned to use. This photo shows the area scraped almost clean so that I can instead add a rock formation that would essentially levels the area making it much easier to position the loader. 19877290 Here you can see the rock formation and how it provides a much more level area for placement of the loader. I used Hydrocal and carved & colored the rock face as I have with all of the other rock formations on the layout. This photo shows most of the scene including the chute in the background and a part of the track where loaded cars are pulled to be stored until they are picked up. I am awaiting the arrival of another donkey that will be positioned to pull logs along the chute from the woods to the loading area. You can also see the prototype of a model of the original design Dolbeer donkey by Tomar Industries that I'm using as a car puller. 19877292 A new skidder has arrived to bring the logs in from the woods. I'm using a Bachmann Industries model of a Tacoma even though it is a bit undersized. This is one of the Bachmann pieces that come two to a package. It is very much like the Tacoma yarder drawn by Philip Schnell and featured in Merv Johnson's book "In Search of Steam Donkeys". I found it to be very accurate in detail but parts of it are anywhere from 15% to 30% smaller than shown in the drawing. It's shown here on a skid built to the SS limited specs for their skidder. 20677845 I've located the new machine to perform its task. 20677772 This donkey is used to get the logs part way to the landing. In the distance to the right you can see a couple loggers hooking up the line from the new skidder to finish the job. 20677803 This is a SS Limited donkey with a house added. 20677723 This view shows the Dolbeer and the brow log that protects the log cars during loading. The boom on the right positions logs that roll off the end of the chute so they can be brought to the car by the loader on the left. 20677846 A little closer view of the whole scene. 20677952 The booms are all tied down ready to move those heavy logs coming in on the chute. 22744575 Work halts as # 16 approaches to hook up to a waiting string of loads. 22744576 Almost ready to head for the mill with a load of logs large enough to build a couple houses. 22744574 #16 begins its move to the mill in Arcadia. 22745535 Figures and more detail continue be added. 24887077 Since the donkey's need water I thought I would add a pond nearby. Pipes and pumps will need to be added to complete the scene. 24887078