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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Scenery On The Upper Deck Scenery On The Upper Deck Crossing the Log Span at Hank's Slough 23106326 The Camp 2 Area This series of photo's show the progress being made on the upper deck. On this section I have created the land forms with strips of box board which are hot melt glued together then covered with sheets of plaster cloth. I then applied a skim coat of Hydrocal plaster that I colored with latex paint in the water used to mix the plaster. I have also added some rock formations carved in Hydrocal to blend the upper and lower levels. 23106327 Cat Landing The eventual site of "Cat Landing" (see Caterpillars, Arches and Trees) 23106328 Hank's Slough and The Switchback To Cat Landing Hanks Slough will be built here and way back in the corner will be the "Bottom Line Mine", a kit I acquired at the '91 NMRA convention in Denver 23106329 Hank's Slough The track in the foreground crosses Hanks Slough and the one behind it climes a 2% grade to "Cat Landing" 23106331 The final shaping begins. 23106332 23106333 23106334 A coat of Hydrocal mixed with latex paint/water. 23106337 23106335 Blending the upper and lower decks. 23106339 The first stages of vegetation and forestation. The log span bridge goes to Cat Landing while the blue board bridge (to be replaced by a timber trestle) goes to the mine. 23106336 "Hank's Slough" 23106344 23106346 Eventual site of the camp structures. 23106341 The hill in front of the tracks where the camp cars were to be acted as too much of a view block so I began to re-think my plans for the area. 23106340 The hill has been removed and I'm ready to reshape the land form. 23525293 I used the usual process here as elsewhere to creat land for the camp. 23724655 Camp 2 Construction of the cookhouse and dining car for camp 2 continue while I get the living quarters and office in place. Much detailing needs to be done so this is just a preview. 23106343 23523813 23987639 23987640