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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Getting the mountains Built Getting the mountains Built Heavy paper was "painted" with plaster to begin the mountain where Sims Loop will be built. The paper is supported by plywood and insulation board forms. 23842825 Wood blocking was used to provide solid support for the bridge towers. 23841973 I had originally planned for the center tower to be an additional 30 feet taller but the tower extensions were back ordered and I decided not to wait for them. At 90 feet high the bridge has a massive look. 23841977 Sims Loop My tribute to the great John Allen. 23110517 Continuing around the corner I began the area that will be Harbor J Landing. 23841975 Harbor J Landing and the junction to the upper deck are progressing. 23110510 More color, ground cover and trees are added. 23110511 The spar tree is rigged for the yarding operation and waiting for the loading donkey to arrive. It will be rigged to load with a Hayrack boom. 23110512 The loader is now in place ready to load the waiting cars. 23110513 The first string of cars is nearly complete. 23110514 The end of the isle With all of the basics in place at Harbor Junction it was time to move into the corner. For more of this area see the Red Mountain Trestle album 23842562