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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Nickel Creek Nickel Creek The early morning fog. 23110542 This series of photo's illustrates the steps I took to create Nickel Creek, a shallow water stream loaded with debris from many Spring runoffs. 23110543 The first step was to create the stream bed. I used blue foam board as my base and added wadded news paper covered with plaster cloth to complete the land form.<BR><BR>I then added thick gobs of Hydrocal plaster which I carved into rock formations. 23110544 I added more rock formations that lined the stream and some that were in the stream. 23110545 These rocks are in the stream and create an interesting diversion to the "flow of the water". 23110546 Since this stream is normally a shallow water "trout stream" that would experience high water during the spring run-off, I scattered a lot of debris below the log bridge.<BR><BR>I also glued down very fine sifted dirt from the yard to get the sandy bottom look. 23110547 I just couldn't Wait to see how a train would look crossing Nickel Creek. 23110548 In this shot you can see a slight milkiness in the water. This occurred during the curing of the second pour of the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.<BR><BR>It took a little more than a week for it to clear up. Successive pours had the same result. 23110549 Here that milkiness is quite evident. 23110550 Still not clear in this shot. 23110551 Note the "waves" in the water. Making very thin pours over a rough surface creates the wavy look. 23110552 The appearance of flow is evident here. 23110553