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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Caterpillars Arches and Trees Caterpillars Arches and Trees 23110554 The Scenery Base To show the various stages of completion I have included on this page these photo's from the page titled "Scenery on The Upper Deck". As you can see the land forms were created with a variety of materials. 23110555 Here a final coat of colored Hydrocal has been "painted" on. 23110556 Detailing begins The next step was to apply a coat of thinned dark tint base (for dark colored paints) to the top surfaces and sprinkle on sifted dirt. For more detail I glued on several stump castings of various sizes and planted a few trees that are too small to be cut.<BR>I then covered selected areas with Scenic Express # EX897 Green Adirondack Blend Flock & Turf. This stuff is great, it's loaded with natural debris and looks terrific as woods ground cover. 23110557 The Cut The detailing began with some slight modifications to the land form to create a logical way for the cats and arches to turn around and return to the woods. I used corrugated strips covered with plaster cloth and Hydrocal to build up a hill that appears to have had a portion cut away to level a place for the loading machinery used to put the logs on the rail cars. To create the look of sand under top soil on the face of the cut I decided to try something new to me. I mixed some very fine dirt from my yard that has the right color with 50/50 water and white glue to the consistency of cake frosting. I then used an artist's pallet knife to spread the mixture on the face of the cut. After a few minutes of drying I used a 1" brush in vertical strokes to remove any knife marks. 23110558 Trees and More Trees I have always wanted to have some trees that are full at the top but loaded with dead branches below like the one's you see that are left after cutting down those on the outside of a stand of pine. I think I have finally found a way to make them. I used the plastic logs that came with my Rivarossi log cars as the trunks and drilled the small end to receive a Heki # 309 N scale trees. After dry brushing the logs with a burnt sienna craft paint I drilled small holes in the side of the trunk where knots were cast and inserted short lengths of a natural material cut from a scrub brush. 23110559 A Cat In Action The Cats come from over the hill to bring their logs to the loading area. 23110560 A loading rig at last Still have some details to be added but the scene is finally taking shape thanks to a recent photo in Timber Times, Issue # 45, page 10. 55175526 The photo depicts what is described as a "steam donkey rigged simple gin pole with a spreader bar" as the loading rig. 55175527 I have replaced the steam donkey with a diesel powered unit and a Woodland Scenics cat rigged with a scratch built model of a Willamette-Hyster Double Drum. 55175529 While the donkey operator lifts the logs from the deck, the cat operator swings the log over the car for loading. This is an incredible illustration of the ingenuity of the logger. 55175528 69850146 69850218 The whole Scene Just playing around with some new software. 23110561