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Arcadia & Betsey River Ry

Logging In The Pacific Northwest In HO Scale

Early construction and scenery photos

Plus the latest photos as of November 2021

Arcadia to Reload Arcadia to Reload 23722679 The A&BR engine house, kit bashed from a Thomas York kit. 23112892 This was the first model I ever built for a NMRA convention contest. It took second place in judging and was voted most popular by the crowd at the '91 Denver convention. 23112893 23112894 The depot at Arcadia is scratch built using stones from my driveway glued to a wood structure. 23112889 A portion of Lake Arcadia. 23112890 23112891 The Arcadia car shop is my second attempt at a contest quality model. It took a first place in judging and popular vote at the '93 Valley Forge convention. 23112886 23116044 23722678 23722680 Arcadia Falls is undevelpoed in this shot. It will be located on the lower deck in the right hand corner of this photo. 23112939 Arcadia Falls I have finally begun the development of the falls area. 23112940 Permanently placing the trestle, ballasting the track and finishing the scenery around the track remains but I had to get a photo. 23112941 A mock-up of a truck load of logs headed for the Reload area while another returns to the woods for more logs. 23112908 This log hauler is a modified Mini Metals tractor and scratch built trailer parts added to the axle assembly from their semi trailer. 23112926 This train has made a stop at Harbor J Landing and is about to get the logs from Reload. 23112928 This is Reload, so named for the method to get logs to the mill. Logs brought by truck will be reloaded onto log cars using a gantry crane. 23112927